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What do 1DK, 2LDK, etc. mean?

These numbers and letters describe the number and types of rooms in a property. The number indicates the number of bedrooms. A “bedroom” means an independent room that is separated with a door from the rest of the house. The exception is 1R, which is a studio apartment. The letters that follow describe the other rooms in the apartment.

“LDK” usually refers to a common area that serves as a combined living (L), dining (D), and kitchen (K) area. Some homes might only have a dining and kitchen (DK) or just a kitchen (K). If a home has a storage area, it is usually indicated by an “S”. These areas might all be in one common area, or spread around the home.

  • 1R: A studio apartment with no separate rooms. No door between the entrance and bedroom area.
  • 1K: A small kitchen area is separated from a single bedroom by a door.
  • 1DK: Smaller than a 1LDK, but with enough room in the common space for a kitchen and dining area. This area is separated from the bedroom by a door.
  • 1LDK: An apartment with a combined kitchen/living/dining area, and a bedroom separated from the common area by a door.
  • 2SLDK: A home with living, dining, kitchen areas, along with storage space. There are two independent bedrooms with doors that separate them from the rest of the house.